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Student Progression Plan

Hillsborough Virtual Instructional Programs

Enrollment Options

Hillsborough virtual instruction includes part-time and full-time options for students in kindergarten to grade 12, providing for academic acceleration, flexible scheduling, and course recovery. Hillsborough Virtual School (HVS) students are considered public school students and are subject to the requirements of the district Student Progression Plan including participation in district and state standardized assessments.

Students may use HVS to accelerate their course of study when students meet age, grade, or pre-requisite course requirements. Students not meeting minimum weekly submission requirements may be withdrawn from courses at the discretion of the HVS administrator.

Hillsborough Virtual School, Full-Time

HVS offers a full-time program for students in kindergarten through grade 12. Students must apply online through the district website during the application windows, April through mid-August for semester 1 entry and October through mid-January for semester 2 entry.

Virtual School Co-Enrolled

Students enrolled in K-12 schools may co-enroll in virtual school. The physical school serves as the primary enrollment for testing and graduation, if applicable. The school counselor or administrator at the physical school manages and approves virtual course registration. Each school determines co-enrollment scheduling procedures specific to the master schedules and staff allocations.

Final grades for senior class rank calculations must be received by the primary school on or before the cutoff date at the end of the first semester, as specified in the secondary class rank section of this document. Grades received after the cutoff date will not be included in the class rank calculation.

It is the student's responsibility to verify the exact cutoff date and to coordinate a “completion date” with FLVS and/or HVS to meet the class rank requirement.

Virtual Credit Recovery

High school students may co-enroll in the virtual credit recovery program to grade enhance credits that are required for graduation. This program is not intended as an acceleration option.

Home Education Virtual Instruction

Students enrolled in Home Education are eligible to co-enroll in HVS. The parent or guardian manages and approves the virtual course registration.

Home Education students do not qualify for a Hillsborough County high school diploma. Home school students must be enrolled at a district school prior to their senior year to qualify for a Hillsborough County high school diploma.

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