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Student Progression Plan

Workforce Connections Post-secondary Education

Hillsborough Technical Colleges

Hillsborough Technical Colleges (HTC) serves as postsecondary extension of Hillsborough County Public Schools for personal, technical, and professional growth. The four technical colleges are Aparicio-Levy, Brewster, Erwin and Learey Technical Colleges.

The technical colleges offer a variety of postsecondary certificate programs that prepare students for employment in agriculture, architecture and construction, business, education, energy, hospitality, health sciences, human services, information technology, public safety, manufacturing, and transportation.

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Adult and Career Services Center (ACSC)

The Adult and Career Service Center offers counseling and program advisement free of charge to adult learners seeking assistance in identifying their employability interests/options and educational goals.

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Postsecondary Enrollment

Individual programs have specific admissions requirements that may include a standard high school diploma or GED®. Remedial programs are available for students when needed. Students who meet all admission requirements will be scheduled for the next available start date.

  1. Students must provide an official high school transcript to verify previously earned technical college credits.
  2. The individual college or program determines the student’s course placement.
  3. Students are responsible for testing, tuition and certifications fees.
  4. Students who meet eligibility may use the Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholarship at adult technical colleges.
  5. Financial aid is available to qualifying students.
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Career Dual Enrollment for High School Students

Career dual enrollment is an option for high school students to earn postsecondary technical college credit through the high school Career and Technical Education program. There are no tuition fees for high school students.

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