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Policy Manual

1600 - Job Descriptions

The School Board recognizes that it is essential for District as well as individual accountability for each administrative staff member to be fully aware of the duties and responsibilities for his/her position. Job descriptions document and describe the essential functions for each administrative staff position and thereby promote organization effectiveness and efficiency. Therefore, the Superintendent shall maintain job descriptions for administrative positions. Each job description shall include the qualifications, skills, knowledge and abilities, essential responsibilities, and physical requirements for the administrative position.

Job descriptions shall be defined as procedures of the Superintendent and will be originated and maintained in accordance with the provisions specified in the bylaws of the Board (see Bylaw 0131).

Administrators shall be evaluated, at least in part, against their job description.

Job descriptions shall be brief, factual, and, wherever possible, generically descriptive of similar jobs.

During the hiring process, the current job description for the position for which the candidate is interviewing shall be reviewed with the candidate. The emphasis during the review shall be placed upon the essential functions of the positions.

During the revision of a job description, the Superintendent may seek input from individuals who hold that position; however, their input may or may not be reflected when the revision of said job description is completed.

Following the revision of a job description, staff members who hold the positions for which the essential functions are described in that revised job description shall be provided access to the updated version and the opportunity to discuss the revisions therein with their immediate supervisor.

F.S. 1012.23, 1012.27

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