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Policy Manual

1420 - Benefits

Upon the recommendation of the Superintendent and approval of the Board, the administrators will be provided benefits not less than those provided to instructional personnel.

The Board may provide all administrative staff with the following benefits:

  A. Life Insurance
    All administrators will have employer paid life insurance in an amount equal to one times their annual salary, computed to the next $1,000. Additional life insurance and limited dependent coverage options are available to administrators at group rates.


  B. Hospitalization and Medical Insurance
    Administrators shall have the opportunity to enroll in health insurance offered by the Board. Administrators may choose to pay premiums, if any, through payroll deduction on a pre- or post-tax basis.


  C. Employee Assistance Program
    An Employee Assistance Program which, through outside professional counseling, may provide help for administrators and their families in areas including, but not limited to, emotional disorders, chemical (alcohol or drug) abuse, and/or marital, financial, family, legal, or occupational problems.


  D. Liability Coverage
    All administrators will be covered under the District's self-insurance general liability coverage.


  E. Workers' Compensation
    Florida State law requires Workers' Compensation to be provided to all employees and volunteers of the District. This assures administrators who sustain a work-related illness or injury both income and medical care for that injury until they are able to return to work.
    Administrators who are eligible for Workers' Compensation may be paid earned sick leave benefits in addition to Workers' Compensation benefits. The sick leave amount is reduced by the amount of the Workers' Compensation benefit. In no case can total pay exceed the administrator's regular at-work salary.


  F. Other Insured Employee Benefits
    Voluntary benefits such as dental, vision, short term disability, and long term disability group insurance are available to administrators.


  G. Flexible Spending Accounts
    Eligible administrators may elect to participate in Flexible Spending Accounts to help pay some medical, dental, vision, and child care costs with pre-tax dollars.


  H. Legal Services
    Legal services in tort action shall be provided for administrators at such time when action is construed to be an outcome of duties performed for the Board.


  I. Terminal Pay
    Administrators shall be eligible for terminal pay at the time of retirement, provided that retirement coincides with termination, or payment to the beneficiary, if service is terminated by death. The Superintendent shall develop Terminal Pay Procedures. This procedures manual may be updated by the Superintendent as necessary to ensure compliance with applicable law and/or rule.


  J. Holidays
    Holidays will be designated by the Board at the time it adopts and amends the school calendar and/or ratifies contractual agreements with employee bargaining units.


  K. Sick Leave Bank
    The sick leave bank, available to eligible administrators, is a source from which additional paid sick leave days may be granted for the administrators' catastrophic, prolonged personal illness, accident, or injury. Membership in the sick leave bank is available to administrators after completion of at least one full year of employment with the District. The Sick Leave Bank Procedures is incorporated by reference and is part of the policy. The procedures may be updated by the Superintendent as necessary.


  L. Calculation of Terminal Pay and Annual Payment for Accumulated Sick Leave
    Terminal pay for administrators shall be based on hourly rates calculated by dividing the annual salary by the number of hours the administrator is required to work per day and then dividing by 196, 216, or 232 for 10 month, 11 month, and 12 month administrative employees, respectively.


  M. Retirement
    The District participates in the Florida Retirement System (FRS) and offers administrators retirement opportunities in accordance with the laws of Florida.


F.S. 112.08, 112.1915, 440.491, 1012.26, 1012.61, 1012.65, 1012.74, 1012.798

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