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Policy Manual

1121.01 - Criminal Background and Employment

The safety of its students is of paramount importance to the District. Consistent with this concern for student safety, and in compliance with Florida law, the District requires that, prior to initial employment, all candidates for all positions be subject to a criminal background check to determine suitability for employment. The application for employment shall inform the applicants that they are subject to criminal background checks. Pursuant to Florida law, fingerprints of all current employees must be re-submitted to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) every five years. Administrators must self-report arrests or serious offenses as listed in AP 1121.01.

Administrators who have a break in service shall be required to be re-fingerprinted before being re-employed.

The District will share information received as the result of the criminal background check with other school districts. The information contained in the FDLE and FBI reports received is confidential.

F.S. 943.0585(4)(a), 943.059(4)(a), 1012.32

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