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Why #WeAchieveTogether: Teacher Kelly Colucci

March 13, 2019

Kelly Colucci is a fifth grade math and science teacher at Foster Elementary School.

I absolutely love what I do. You know what’s so fantastic about teaching at an Achievement School? That the people teaching here want to be here.

This is my 20th year teaching and after teaching for that long, you think you know what’s coming your way, but at an Achievement School, you find there are a lot more tools you can add to your teacher toolbox.

I love teaching and I love kids. There is nothing better for a teacher than that “ah-ha!” moment. It still gives me goosebumps still to this day, and when you’re at an Achievement School, the chills you get are even greater because little things that have occurred, have been huge momentous things in their lives.

When the students sense my excitement – it’s contagious, and then their friends get excited and it builds. You can feel the energy inside the classroom when they get wrapped up in the learning. Now they love science and to them, it’s exciting. That’s awesome.

I try to make myself real and relatable. When I make a mistake and they catch me, I say thank you, and that I’m human and make mistakes too.

Children at Achievement Schools need more from you, and they need more from school. You might be the one person all day that hugs them, or the one person all day that says, “I’m so glad you’re here.” I feel that love back, and I want them to be able to carry it with them through middle school, high school, and through life.

They need you so much and that’s why I came here. I can be a teacher anywhere, but I think every kid needs to have someone with passion, and all teachers should have passion. If I come here every day and can show these kids how much I care, through the fun things and hands on activities, and tell them how much I care about them – to me that’s worth it.

This is Why #WeAchieveTogether.

Do you know a dedicated Achievement Schools leader, teacher, staff or community member who you would like to see featured in Why #WeAchieveTogether? To nominate someone, contact Kendra Oestreich, Communications: kendra.oestreich@sdhc.k12.fl.us.

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