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5 Ways our HCPS Custodial Staff Keeps our District Healthy and Clean

January 31, 2018 - Points of Pride

Have you ever shuddered at the sight of someone sneezing uncontrollably, wiping their runny nose then immediately touching everything around them, including you? If so, then you can understand why Hillsborough Schools makes it a priority to provide a clean and healthy environment for all. 

We can all agree with Hillsborough Schools Health Supervisor, Maria Russ, “keeping a healthy body, will contribute to a healthy mind."

Flu and allergy season is showing no signs of slowing down. Even though it can be hard to avoid the latest attack of an allergen or the spread of a virus or germs, one thing is for sure, Hillsborough Schools custodians are always on the mission to keep our school district clean for students, families and employees.

These are the FIVE ways Custodians at Hillsborough Schools keep our district healthy and clean:

  1. Continually cleaning "high touch" areas. High touch areas are recognized as water fountains, desks, doorknobs, faucets, handrails, chairs and much more.
  1. Sanitizing restrooms throughout the day. Restrooms can be a breeding ground for germs and viruses if not maintained properly.
  1. Properly disposing of waste products throughout the day. Keeping up with trash and debris removal, accidents such as spills and more, are all about safety and sanitation.
  1. Fill and maintain the paper towel, hand soap, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the day to assure proper hand washing.
  1. Use of a EPA registered disinfectant used on frequently touched surfaces at school and in the workplace, and, color-coded microfiber towels designated to clean specific areas throughout the schools 

Thanks to Cristina Fernandez, principal of Mendenhall Elementary and head custodian Damaary Echeviria, we were able to give our viewers behind-the-scenes access on how their staff gets the job done.  While we can’t eliminate all germs, we can work hard as a team to try to keep our schools clean and our students healthy. 

To learn more about the Division of Operations follow us on Twitter @HCPSoperations and get behind-the-scenes sneak peek on what it takes to support our schools and students.

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