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Rapping Officer Rhymes about Bullying Prevention on Unity Day

October 26, 2017 - Points of Pride

It’s not every day that students get a visit from an officer, especially one who breaks out rhyming rap songs. That’s exactly what Hillsborough Schools Security Officer Lawrence White did Wednesday to teach students about bullying prevention at Collins Elementary School in Riverview.

“Ignore, ignore, ignore that foolish stuff,” rapped Officer White. The students chanted the lyrics back.

“I know young people like music and raps. I thought I would do it in a fun way,” said Hillsborough Schools Security Officer Lawrence White.

Officer White is one of the district’s bullying prevention experts. He visits schools to talk to students about how bullying hurts others. “So many students are really injured when they’re bullied, even to the point where some kids hurt themselves. We want to do all we can to eliminate bullying wherever we are. We can make a difference,” said Officer White.

Another one of Officer White’s raps: “If it’s wrong – don’t do it! Bullying, fighting, putting others down. The bigger students pushing the smaller ones around.”

Collins Elementary School Principal Rebecca Sargable wanted students to hear Officer White’s message on Unity Day.

“The message he brings is perfect for when it’s Bullying Prevention Month, and it’s Unity Day,” said Sargable. “It’s a fun way for the kids to rap and remember just the important message to be kind, be caring to one another. No hurt. No harm.”

“Unity Day is where we all unite against bullying,” says fourth grade student, Ross.

Students and staff showed their true colors standing up to bullying by wearing orange as part of Unity Day. The day shows that schools and the community are together against bullying and united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.

“A lot of people are wearing orange, so we can help stop bullying,” said fourth-grader, Anthony.

Collins Elementary School students took a pledge and promised: “I will not bully others.”

Fourth-grader, Elizabeth, said she learned a valuable lesson. “I learned not to hate, hurt or harm. To not bully and to be kind to others.”

Officer White taught the kids how to stand up to a bully by telling that bully: Stop! I don’t like that. I’m going to report you.

Nazareth, a fourth grade student, said she knows how she’d handle a bully, “I would probably tell them that that’s not nice and probably play with the student who is being bullied.”

“We’re preparing them for life, making sure they’re the best little people they can be. We all want to live in a world where there’s not hate, no hurt, no harm,” said Principal Sargable.

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