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District celebrates Walk to School Day

October 18, 2016 - Points of Pride

Wednesday, October 5th Hunters Green Elementary was one of many schools that joined the movement as they celebrated the 20th anniversary of Walk to School Day. Other elementary schools that participated included: Westchase, Mabry, Sulfur Springs, Kimbell, Mort, Summerfield Crossing, and Chiles Elementary.

It's a day dedicated to celebrating all the benefits of walking. This global event encourages students around the world to get out and get moving, combating childhood obesity by upping students' activity levels. By getting more children and parents out walking, organizers say, they're creating a sense of community, helping others learn safe places to walk and cutting down on fuel emissions and traffic congestion caused by long carpool lines and big, yellow school buses.

Panther Pat, the Hunters Green Elementary mascot, cheered on the bikers and walkers for making a good healthy choice while students received valuable safety information such as using crosswalks, wearing helmets while biking and looking both ways while crossing the street.

Several community partners were also in attendance including Safe Kids Greater Tampa Bay, St. Joseph’s Children’s Baycare Hospital, Fed Ex, Chick-Fil-A and more. With the help of Hunters Green PTA and school staff, safety items were handed out , including blinking lights, reflective book bags, and slap bracelets to make sure kids are safe and seen by drivers.

To learn more about the National Walk to School Day please visit

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