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Image for Summer Series: Technology, learning, friendships...oh my!
Students from across the district took learning to a new level in the Enrichment Summer Scholars Program (ESSP).

Summer Series: Technology, learning, friendships...oh my!

July 05, 2016 - Points of Pride

Boyette Springs Elementary School was abuzz with third, fourth and fifth grade students from across the district immersed in the Enrichment Summer Scholars Program (ESSP). This hands-on, interactive 4-day program is focused on problem-based learning with other students who share the same talents and interests.  In its’ sixth year, the ESSP is a high energy, fast paced program where Hillsborough County Public School teachers are the facilitators for learning and guiding students. Alyssa McBride, a teacher from Apollo Beach Elementary School, shared that, “students are over the top with excitement the entire time they are attending this program. They are amazing.” This excitement is channeled through grade level projects that culminate with a technology presentation to parents. 

Third grade students were “tech searchers”. Classes were filled with inquisitive students focusing on their research skills, reading and writing, and creativity using iPad technology. Student groups were feverishly researching on their iPads and sorting and organizing their ideas on oversized construction paper to guide them through the writing process.  Fourth grade students were charged with the task of creating a book hook. They want us all to be hooked on traditional books! Future filmmakers, voice over talent, screen writers and stars – 9 to 10 years old-- filled the school’s Media Center to create movie trailers that will hook us back to books.  Fifth grade students were cracking the code! The computer lab was bursting with energy and excitement. Students were creating an Olympic themed video game app using computer coding, logical thinking, problem-solving and creativity. The software of choice for these young coders was Blockly or Scratch, a favorite amongst their age group and most chose to work with a partner.

The Enrichment Summer Scholars Program was also held at Deer Park, MacFarlane Park, and Tampa Palms Elementary Schools.  This program offered students many opportunities to stretch their creative skills, tech skills, and writing skills. It also taught the importance of collaboration and team building.  “There is no ceiling on learning at the Enrichment Summer Scholars Program,” stated Dr. Lauri Kirsch, Supervisor of K-12 Gifted Education. The HCPS Enrichment Summer Scholars Program - where third, fourth, and fifth grade students prepare for life!

For more information about the ESSP program, visit the HCPS website at

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