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3DE is Re-Engineering the Learning Experience for Students at Hillsborough and Chamberlain High schools.

October 12, 2020 - Partners in Education

3DE, our district’s newest program, is a joint venture between HCPS, Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay and the business community. It is a full immersion school-within-a-school instructional model where local and national partnerships provide relevant case methods geared towards entrepreneurial thinking, project/problem-based learning and authentic workplace experiences.

“This program has been wildly successful because those involved all share the core belief that education should be a catalyst for opportunity,” said Kate Stead, Hillsborough County Public Schools 3DE Partnership Director.

That opportunity exists thanks to the 3DE curriculum, which aims to push education beyond the classroom walls.

“We really want to focus on making sure that our students are able to demonstrate the competencies learned in their case studies when they graduate,” said Beth Anne Cuda, 3DE’s Regional Director.

Case Methodology is proven to increase student engagement, strengthen comprehension, build critical thinking and accelerate academic performance.

District and local leaders got a first-hand look at a Case Challenge when they toured the new 3DE Program at Chamberlain High. Students were tasked to use marketing strategies to determine whether A-LIGN should market to small and medium size businesses, or if they should go after larger Fortune 500 companies.

Once introduced to the Case Challenge, students spend the next five weeks working with their peers and receiving input from A-LIGN to create a proposed solution to this Case Challenge – making their education more fun and relevant.

 *97% of 3DE students feel encouraged by their teachers

*98% of 3DE students feel excited about their futures

“The beautiful thing about this model is that the focus on the Case Challenge is carrying across all of their curriculum,” said said Richard George, President of Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay. “It’s a win-win situation for both the business community and the kids who are the future pipeline for these industries.”

In addition to a relevant education, 3DE allows students to interact with volunteers from local companies and learn what their next steps are to achieve a desired career.

“3DE is kind of like a dream come true for me,” said Josiah Quinones, a 3DE Student at Chamberlain High. “This program allows me to do things I’ve always wanted to do in a normal classroom but never had the resources to do.”

*3DE students had 34% fewer absences and 70% less discipline incidents as compared to their district peers.

Despite the anxiety of a new school year, 3DE teachers and students are already recognizing a new sense confidence as they collaborate on their Case Challenges.

“Our students shock themselves once they present their Case Challenge,” said Julia Pipkens, 3DE School Director at Chamberlain High. “I love the fact they’re starting to hold their heads up high and have faith in themselves.”

“If they win, we win,” said Quinones. “We all want to accomplish one thing: to have success in our education.”

*Based on 2016-2017 Georgia Milestones for Math, Literacy, Biology, Lexile Scores & PSATs