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Congratulations to our Gold, Silver & Bronze Status Healthy Schools!

May 22, 2020 - Employee Excellence

We are proud to announce the schools that have earned The Hillsborough Healthy Schools Award. This is an achievement, championed by School Board Member Lynn Gray, that recognizes and celebrates the many aspects of what makes a healthy school and healthy students and staff.

Earlier this year, each school was sent a survey where they were asked about their schools’ best practices in nutrition, family and community involvement, health education, physical activity, health services, counseling, safe and supportive school environment and employee wellness.

Thank you to the 158 schools that took the time to fill out this important survey. Next year, we will strive for 100% participation.

Being a healthy school is SO critical, now more than ever. It’s more than just being physically healthy—we expect our schools to be mentally and socially healthy, make nutritious food decisions and provide a safe and secure environment.

Each of our Healthy Schools will be recognized at an upcoming board meeting, be awarded a Hillsborough Healthy Schools plaque and receive a Healthy Schools digital badge they can proudly display on their website.

Congratulations to the Gold, Silver and Bronze Status Schools.

Gold Status Schools

Alafia Elementary                                                                         Lincoln Elementary

Alexander Elementary                                                                 Lockhart Elementary

Alonso High                                                                                    Lowry Elementary

Anderson Elementary                                                                   Lutz K-8

Bay Crest Elementary                                                                   Mabry Elementary

Bevis Elementary                                                                           Mango Elementary

Bryan Elementary                                                                          McKitrick Elementary

Bryant Elementary                                                                         Mendenhall Elementary

Buchanan Middle                                                                           Mintz Elementary

Buckhorn Elementary                                                                   Monroe Middle

Burney Elementary                                                                        Muller Elementary

Cannella Elementary                                                                      Oak Grove Elementary

Chiaramonte Elementary                                                             Pierce Middle

Chiles Elementary                                                                          Pinecrest Elementary

Clark Elementary                                                                            Pizzo K-8

Claywell Elementary                                                                      Plant City High

Coleman Middle                                                                             Potter Elementary

Cork Elementary                                                                             Pride Elementary

Dawson Elementary                                                                       Progress Village Middle

Deer Park Elementary                                                                    Randall Middle

Dover Elementary                                                                           Riverview High

Dunbar Elementary                                                                         Robinson Elementary

Durant High                                                                                      Roland Park K-8

Egypt Lake Elementary                                                                   Ruskin Elementary

Ferrell Middle                                                                                   Schmidt Elementary

FishHawk Creek Elementary                                                          Shields Middle

Folsom Elementary                                                                          Steinbrenner High

Freedom High                                                                                   Sullivan Partnership Elementary

Gaither High                                                                                      Sulphur Springs K-8

Gibsonton Elementary                                                                    Summerfield Crossings Elementary

Greco Middle                                                                                    Symmes Elementary

Hammond Elementary                                                                    Temple Terrace Elementary

Heritage Elementary                                                                        Thompson Elementary

Hillsborough High                                                                              Town and Country Elementary

Just Elementary                                                                                  Trapnell Elementary

Kenly Elementary                                                                               Turkey Creek Elementary

Kimbell Elementary                                                                            Walden Lake Elementary

King High                                                                                                  Walker Middle

Lanier Elementary                                                                                   Westchase Elementary

Lennard High                                                                                            Wilson Middle

Leto High                                                                                                   Woodbridge Elementary

Lewis Elementary                                                                                     Woodson K-8

Limona Elementary                                                                                  Young Middle         


Silver Status Health Schools:

Bailey Elementary                                                                         Graham Elementary

Ballast Point Elementary                                                              Hunter’s Green Elementary

Barrington Middle                                                                         Jackson Elementary

Bing Elementary                                                                            Jefferson High

Boyette Springs Elementary                                                        Maniscalco K-8

Brandon High                                                                                  Miles Elementary

Brooker Elementary                                                                       Northwest Elementary

Burnett Middle                                                                                Orange Grove Middle

Caminiti Exceptional Center                                                          Riverhills Elementary

Citrus Park Elementary                                                                   Riverview Elementary

Clair Mel Elementary                                                                      Robles Elementary

Cleveland Elementary                                                                     Sergeant Smith Middle

Collins Elementary                                                                           Sessums Elementary

Corr Elementary                                                                               Shaw Elementary

Cypress Creek Elementary                                                              Sheehy Elementary

Davidsen Middle                                                                               Shore Elementary

Dickenson Elementary                                                                      Sickles High

Doby Elementary                                                                                Spoto High

Eisenhower Middle                                                                             Springhead Elementary

EPIC 3 – Alternative School                                                               Tampa Heights Elementary

Farnell Middle                                                                                      Valrico Elementary

Frost Elementary                                                                                  Wilson Elementary

                                                                                                                 Yates Elementary


Bronze Status Schools

Aparicio-Levy Technical College                                                            Liberty Middle

Apollo Beach Elementary                                                                       Lomax Elementary

Blake High                                                                                                  Martinez Middle

Cimino Elementary                                                                                   McLane Middle

Crestwood Elementary                                                                            Memorial Middle

DeSoto Elementary                                                                                   Middleton High

Dorothy Thomas Exceptional Center                                                     Oak Park Elementary

Forest Hills Elementary                                                                             Simmons Career Center

Foster Elementary                                                                                      Sligh Middle

Grady Elementary                                                                                       South County Career Center

Ippolito Elementary                                                                                    Summerfield Elementary

Kingswood Elementary