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Students delighted by sushi in the lunch line

March 02, 2020 - Trending in Schools
When you walk into Wilson Middle School's School's cafeteria, you may be surprised at what youngsters are eating. 
Thanks to a new offering from Student Nutrition Services, more students than ever are devouring sushi at the lunch table. Wilson is one of dozens of Hillsborough County Public Schools selling a California roll to students for $5.00 per eight-piece roll. 
The product comes cooked and frozen, and is thawed out to sell each day. It's been popular everywhere from elementary to high schools. 
"We came out with this new sushi product that is Smart Snacks approved. We were nervous about students not wanting to buy it, and it was the opposite," said Heather D'Ambrosi, Team Leader-Nutrition Specialist with Student Nutrition Services.
The district tried to sell sushi seven years ago, but it didn't sell very well. D'Ambrosi believes now that sushi is more widely available in places like Publix, students are more familiar with the dish.Today, it's so popular, schools are having trouble keeping it stocked.
Student Nutrition Services says over 2,000 servings have been sold over the past month. The number would have been much higher if the supplier, Trident Seafoods, could keep the California Roll regularly in stock.
"They're seeing this nationwide. They can't fill the orders because of the demand," said D'Ambrosi.
Student Nutrition Services is taking pre-orders from schools and filling orders as they come in. Students love the new option, and say it's allowed some of their friends to try the dish for the first time.
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