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Image for The Board Chooses our Next Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Addison Davis
The School Board unanimously approved Addison Davis as our next Superintendent of Schools

The Board Chooses our Next Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Addison Davis

January 21, 2020 - Trending in Schools

After a process that spanned several months, the Hillsborough County School Board selected our next Superintendent.

Addison Davis is currently Superintendent of Clay County Public Schools—but his career began more than twenty years ago as a Physical Education and Earth Space Science Teacher in Duval County. He rose up through the ranks as a Vice-Principal and Principal in Duval County and was appointed to numerous leadership positions there.

In 2016 he was elected Superintendent of Clay County Public Schools where, under his leadership, the county made tremendous gains in grad rates and the number of “A” and “B” schools.

Mr. Davis and his wife Natalie have two daughters… And they are excited to make Hillsborough County their home.

This selection process began back in October with the Board hiring a professional search firm, Ray & Associates, to bring forward qualified candidates.

51 people submitted applications to become Superintendent and Ray & Associates brought 13 of the top candidates to the Board in early January.

From there, the process moved quickly.

13 was whittled to 7; and 7 was narrowed to 3.

Those three finalists spent the day Tuesday doing one-on-one interviews privately with the Board—and then facing all 7 Board Members plus live cameras for the final part of their interviews.

After it was over, the Board Members completed a voting matrix and it was clear who the next Superintendent should be.

Member Cindy Stuart made the motion to hire Addison Davis as our incoming Superintendent of Schools.

It passed unanimously.

Mr. Davis walked back into the board room to a standing ovation and praise from the Board Members.

Up next, Mr. Davis must negotiate his contract and his transition period to our district. The Board will approve all that at an upcoming meeting.

Mr. Davis says he’s excited to impact the lives of every child in Hillsborough County and make Hillsborough County Public Schools the best district in the country.

As our Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Davis will be in charge of more than 220,000 students and the leader of the largest employer in Hillsborough County with 25,000 employees.