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Image for Plant City sisters “sew” the seeds of care and compassion
Sisters Mary and Ameila Gomez create handmade items for sale to benefit local and international charities

Plant City sisters “sew” the seeds of care and compassion

February 11, 2016 - Student Success

Sisters Mary and Amelia Gomez are fortunate young ladies, and they recognize that fact.  They have a supportive family, and their parents provide a good life for them, including becoming involved in numerous extracurricular activities, both inside and outside of their respective schools, Tomlin Middle and Bailey Elementary. Over the last year, the girls became aware that others are not as fortunate as they are, and they decided to do something about that, and S2isters was born!

S2isters is the business that siblings Mary and Amelia Gomez, along with their mother Kari, created to showcase and market handcrafted fabric items such as shoulder bags, cosmetic cases, lanyards, stuffed animals, wallets, and other one-of-a-kind custom made articles.  Both sisters have become adept at measuring, cutting, and stitching an amazing variety of sewn items, including learning how to line, trim, put in zippers, and finish their fabric pieces. Once complete, they use their Facebook page to advertise and market the pieces, and all profits (after fabric, thread, supplies, etc. are purchased) are donated to a number of charities.  They have donated over $1,000 so far.

What sparked Mary and Amelia’s interest in community and public service?  There is personal motivation behind each group they choose to support.  The charities to which the girls donate include the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (a cousin was diagnosed with Type I diabetes and needed a bag to carry diabetic supplies to school), Relay for Life (a great aunt passed away from cancer), and an orphanage in the Honduras (their father is from the Honduras, and their same great aunt was a Sister of Mercy serving at the Casa Corazon de la Misericordia orphanage in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.)  In addition, both girls are long-time dance students, so they also donate to Dancing Dreams, a non-profit group in New York City that is dedicated to providing dance classes and performance opportunities for children ages 3-21 with medical or physical challenges.  And in addition, Mary and Amelia are both multiple-time, real-hair donors to Wigs for Kids with more donations on the horizon.

Mother Kari Gomez is proud of her daughters.  They sometimes invite friends to come over for sewing parties, with everyone joining in the fun of creating and sewing items to raise money.  Kari says she hopes that S2isters “has ignited a lifelong passion in her daughters for charitable work.  It’s amazing to watch them be compassionate about people they don’t know.”  Both girls are very honest about how their efforts make them feel.  Mary says that she “likes the feeling of other people being able to do things they couldn’t do before because of what we are doing,” and Amelia echoes that same sentiment.  She knows her family is lucky, and helping others makes her “feel good because I know not a lot of people have all that we have.”  Mary and Amelia are good students at their schools, and they are compassionate and caring members of their community.  S2isters has enabled them to become better citizens of the world, helping others less fortunate, one stitch at a time!

Please enjoy a variety of photos of Mary and Amelia at home and at school in the Flickr album below.  To view their handcrafted items available for sale, visit their public Facebook page by searching S2isters on Facebook.

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