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Why #WeAchieveTogether: Teacher Carlisa Felder

October 30, 2019 - Employee Excellence

Why #WeAchieveTogether is a weekly blog from our Achievement Schools. It highlights the outstanding work of our staff and the high quality programs that help our students succeed.

Carlisa Felder is a second grade teacher at Thompson Elementary School.

This is my 14th year teaching. I’ve spent five of those years at Thompson. I was actually one of the teachers who opened this school. I’ve enjoyed it so much, I decided this is where I want to stay—this is my home.

I believe I’m able to connect with my students because I am a product of Achievement Schools. It’s not hard to build that connection when you are able to relate to some of the struggles that some students may have. They seem to relate to me as well.

We have a mixture of nationalities and ability, so just being able to be flexible and teach to those different levels and meet students where they are is important.

Teaching for me is so rewarding—to know that the work that I’m doing now is going to benefit us all in the future. I can’t see myself in any other field working, because teaching is for me. This is my happy place. The fact that these students come here every day because they want to know what we’re going to learn for the day, and how it is going to connect with what we’re learning later shows me that I’m on the right track.

There are lots of avenues of support at Achievement Schools, such as additional resources, support from the administration, reading and math coaches, active parents and additional trainings here on the campus that are really beneficial.

I believe the shift to focus on building community within the classroom and the school culture is so important for our students. In the end, in addition to effecting students’ academic gains, it’s going to make them an all-around better person that they have empathy and can sit and actively listen to their peers. Maybe it will ultimately help them better understand each other and me. 

As a whole, this will impact them throughout the years beyond graduation, and that’s our end goal. 

This is Why #WeAchieveTogether.

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