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Attorney General Visits Plant High School to Talk Vaping

October 16, 2019 - Trending in Schools

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody visited Plant High School to announce a major investigation into more than 20 vaping companies to figure out whether they have been targeting minors in their advertising. 

Moody says one in four high school students admit to vaping, and eight in 10 middle school students have seen vaping in online ads. 

"I will not let companies play fast and loose with the precious lives of Florida's youth," Moody said. 

Students at Plant High School call it an epidemic among their peers. 

"There's always an opportunity to find someone who JUULs. It's so easy, ten seconds you whip it out, puff up, you give it to your friend and it's gone. It's really an epidemic," said Riley Schofner, who is concerned teens are increasingly becoming addicted. 

Parents at Plant High School recently held a meeting to talk about the dangers of vaping, and how to talk to their teens about the issue. The administration and school resource officer have taken measures to crack down on vaping, but want to continue to educate teens on the health impacts vaping could have down the line. 

Attorney General Moody says the investigation is ongoing.

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