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New principals join forces to serve students, community in SouthShore

September 30, 2019 - Employee Excellence

A unique relationship between two neighboring schools is setting our students up for a bright future.

The principal of Eisenhower Middle School, Robert Stingone, and the principal of East Bay High School, Amy Stevens-Cox, are both new to their roles.

They have collaborated to make sure students transition smoothly from middle school to high school.

His first day on the job Stingone walked over to East Bay High and introduced himself to Stevens-Cox.

It started a new friendship.

“We talked about a lot of things that we want to work towards and we just build that relationship between the two schools,” said Stevens-Cox. “We talked vertical teaming, some of my faculty visiting Eisenhower and some of his facility visiting East Bay.”

Both Stingone and Stevens-Cox also felt it was important to get out into the community and educate people about the amazing things happening at both schools.

“We both went to Waterset together and did a “Meet the Principals” event, which was very successful because we were able to dispel a lot of myths about our schools,” said Stevens-Cox.

“I believe in the community that Eisenhower serves, that’s why I wanted to be here,” said Stingone. “I am very proud to be here, I live in the community so I am involved in it every single day. That is why I want you to think of Eisenhower as your community middle school and help support us educating your kids and sending them off to be successful in their high schools and back into their community. “

Both principals know their schools are gems in the South County community.

“We try our best each and every day to provide the best atmosphere for our staff and students so they can be the best Generals they can be,” said Stingone.

Stevens-Cox is very proud of the accomplishments at East Bay. The graduation rate was the second highest gain in the district, jumping from 83% to 89% and they were fourth in the county for certifications earned.

“Many people don’t know things about us like we provide dual enrollment for our kids and we have an amazing guidance department and faculty that care and love the students,” said Stevens-Cox. “I think that is important for people to know that we are all in.”


3 Fast Facts about our Principals

Robert Stingone

  • Proud Florida State graduate
  • Family is top priority
  • Big Lego and Star Wars fan

Amy Stevens-Cox

  • Cuban–American
  • Speaks fluent Spanish
  • Born in Miami

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