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Unique #InMyFeelingsChallenge at Jackson's Positive Behavior Pep Rally

August 28, 2018 - Points of Pride

Jackson Elementary staff members fired up students on the first day of school at a Positive Behavior Pep Rally.

Students got quite the surprise when staff started singing Jackson’s unique version of the Drake song and popular social media #InMyFeelingsChallenge. Some students showed off some of their dance moves as staff sang the "Jackson Challenge."

“Jackson, do you love me? Are you ready for a brand new school year? We want ya, and we need ya, and we’re here for you ALWAYS!”

Teachers cheered with pom-poms as they introduced school leaders and a new incentives program to promote positive behavior.

“We thought a great way to start our first day with our students is to have some really great expectations in a fun way,” said Jackson Elementary School Principal Michelle McClellan.

Each class was assigned to a sports-themed “House” for the year. The teams, made up of all grade levels, can earn points for positive behavior. The older students can also act as positive role models for their younger peers.

“They’re going to learn about the Star Expectations. We’re the Jackson Generals, and we are stars. They’re going to learn how that looks across the campus, and we’re going to do a lot of fun ways that they can earn some points. When they make positive choices in their own world, it affects their partners around them. They can encourage each other, and just grow together as a team. When they work together, they’re going to get great things from it. When they put their best effort in, they’re going to get the most benefit out of it. When their teachers are happy, they’re happy. When they’re happy, moms are happy and it’s all working together,” said Principal McClellan.

Students can earn points for positive actions like cleaning up an adopted area of campus or a restroom; participating in or winning events such as Math Bowl, Science Fair, Black History Month, Veterans Day, Science Olympics or Tropicana Speech; and being named the Weekly or Quarterly Attendance Winner. Students can "cash in" points for prizes or special parties.

“I'm excited about starting off on a great foot, and all of the beautiful faces that came in today, we’re reminded why we do this wonderful job,” said McClelland.

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