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Growth Management

Growth Management

Past Boundary Changes

Sessums/Boyette Springs Reassignment - ADOPTED

Due to current overcrowding and continued future growth anticipated within the Sessums Elementary School attendance boundary, the new development (414 future units) located north Leonard Ave, west of McMullen Road, east of Riverview High School, and south of Boyette Road is proposed to be reassigned from Sessums Elementary School to Boyette Creek Elementary School, effective for the 2016-17 school year. No current elementary students will be impacted by the proposed change. The School Board will consider the attendance boundary change at their regularly scheduled School Board meeting on July 19th, 2016 at 901 E. Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, Florida.

Sessums Elementary School Proposed Boundary Map

Boyette Springs Elementary Proposed School Boundary Map

Boundary Proposal from Sessums Elementary School to Boyette Springs Elementary School Map

Tinker Middle School Student Reassignment - ADOPTED

In August 2016, Hillsborough Public Schools opened an addition at Tinker Elementary in order to convert from the elementary level (K-5) to a K-8. Middle school students that reside on MacDill Air Force Base have been assigned to Tinker K-8 through the district’s choice office for the 2015-16 school year. However, the official attendance boundary will be adopted by the School Board for the beginning of the 2016-17 school year.

  • Middle school students residing on MacDill Air Force Base located on the map are proposed to be officially assigned to Tinker K-8 for the school year beginning August 2016. No choice applications will be required.
  • Students attending other schools through a Choice, Magnet, or attend a Charter School can continue at their currently enrolled school, and will continue to have all other choice options available to all HCPS students.

A meeting will be held for community input on the proposed boundary changes on Wednesday, January 13th, 2016, at Tinker K-8 School in the cafeteria from 6:00-7:30 pm. The meeting will be an open house format where parents can talk to staff members and review the information throughout the evening. School district staff members will be available to answer questions. There will not be a formal presentation, but instead attendees will be able to meet in small groups to ask questions and provide comments.

The final boundary change is subject to School Board approval. The School Board is tentatively scheduled to adopt the attendance boundary changes at one of their regular meeting in early 2016.

Please call the choice office at (813) 272-4692 if you have any questions regarding this information.

Boundary Change Map

Tinker K-8 and Monroe Middle Boundary

Proposed Davidsen and Farnell Middle Student Reassignment
ADOPTED - Effective August 2016

Farnell & Davidsen Attendance Boundary Change Summary

Current student enrollment at Farnell Middle School is exceeding the capacity, while Davidsen Middle School (adjacent attendance boundary) has available capacity. In order to provide relief to Farnell Middle School and balance enrollments between the two schools, an attendance boundary change was approved to reassign students from Farnell Middle School to Davidsen Middle School. HCPS is shifting 252 assigned students, 79 from the neighborhoods directly north of Davidsen Middles School (north of Lake Sunset Drive, south of Fawn Ridge, west of Sheldon Road, and east of Montague) and 173 from the Bay Port Area (southwest of W. Hillsborough Avenue, southeast of Rocky Creek, and west of Bay Crest Park).

Enrollment Assumptions

The 2014-15 forty (40) day count was utilized in conjunction with projected enrollment growth in the area in order to generate the projected enrollment per the reassignment. Considering these assumptions, staff is projecting a utilization of 90% for Farnell and 84% for Davidsen after the full implementation of the redistricting, inclusive of new growth in the area.

Table 1: Current Utilization Table
(40th Day)
Enrolled &
Current Utl %
Farnell MS 1290 1592 1356 1321 105%
Davidsen MS 1438 1081 960 851 67%
Total 2728 2673 2316 2172

Table 2: Draft Scenario of Proposed Changes
Utilization (%)
Projections *
Projected Utilization
w/ Development (%)
Farnell MS 1290 1340 1151 89% 15 90%
Davidsen MS 1438 1333 1165 81% 45 84%
Total 2728 2673 2316 60

* The growth projections based on the known projects shifted per reassignment, student generation rates per impact fee study, and table assumes all reassigned students who are enrolled in Farnell will attend Davidsen.

Implementation Criteria

  • See table below to review proposed reassignments:
2014-15 School Year 2015-16 School Year 2016-17 School Year
Grade Assignment Grade Assignment Grade Assignment
4 Elementary School 5 Elementary School 6 Davidsen
5 Elementary School 6 Farnell Middle 7 Davidsen
6 Farnell Middle 7 Farnell Middle 8 Davidsen
7 Farnell Middle 8 Farnell Middle 9 High School
8 Farnell Middle 9 High School 10 High School

  • The changes will be effective starting with the 2016-17 school year. Therefore, the incoming 7th grade (2015-16 SY) and all lower grades will be impacted by this change.
  • Choice Options: Incoming 6th and 7th graders (2015-16 SY) impacted by the attendance boundary changes in 2016-17 have three available options:
    • Attend Davidsen Middle School per reassignment table (above);
    • Apply through a school choice application (July 6-13, 2015) to attend Davidsen Middle School for the 2015-16 school year, prior to the effective date (transportation offered to eligible students);
    • Apply through a special school choice application (in late 2015) to remain at Farnell Middle School (no transportation offered beyond the 2015-16 school year).
  • ESE & HOST: ESE services and the HOST program will continue to be offered at Davidsen Middle School.
  • Other Choice Options: The reassignment will not impact students who are currently attending schools through the Choice Options program.

Attendance Boundary Maps

Davidsen Boundary

Farnell Boundary

All Farnell and Davidsen Changes

To submit questions please send an email to or call the Choice Information Line at (813) 272-4692.

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