The state has directed all school districts in Florida to keep schools closed through the end of the school year due to concerns over the coronavirus.  More information is available on our Coronavirus Information page.

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Virtual Instruction Programs

Virtual Instruction Programs

Co-Enrolled Students

Working with your Assistant Principal at your physical school, students are able to replace an in‐class subject with an online class or choose to take all core subjects online and “specials—PE, Art & Music” at your zoned school. Due to the specific policies and schedule constraints that vary from school to school, it is important for families to talk with their Assistant Principal when researching this option.

Middle and High School Students
Working with their guidance counselor at school, students can take fewer classes in the day and replace them with online classes, or supplement their schedules with additional classes above and beyond their school day. The specific policies and schedule constraints vary from school to school, so it is important for families to talk to their guidance counselor before proceeding. For the most part, families should make these choices as early as possible to limit the impact on both the student's schedule and the school's ability to help. Remember, HVS follows the school schedule, so students need to start classes in August or January and as a rule schools do not allow students to drop courses in the middle of a semester.

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