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Transportation Services

Transportation Services

8610 - Transportation Route Planning

Parents must ensure the safe travel of their students while they are traveling to and from the home and the assigned bus stop.

Establishment of Bus Routes for Regular Students

When establishing bus routes the following guidelines are evaluated:

  A. Walk route to and from the bus stop.
  B. Age of students.
  C. Number of students at stops.
  D. School bell schedule.
  E. Distance between home and school.
  F. Secondary students will not walk more than one and one-half (1 1/2) miles to a bus stop.
  G. Elementary students will not walk more than one (1) mile to a bus stop.
  H. Capacity and size of buses.
  I. Distance between bus stops.
  J. Conditions of the roads.

Establishment of Bus Routes for Exceptional Education Students

  A. Exceptional education students with special transportation needs may be transported when the need is documented in the student’s individualized education plan (IEP).
  B. ESE students must be served at the same residence of record in the morning and afternoon.
  C. Location of bus stops, under most conditions, specialized transportation provides curb-to-curb service for students with disabilities. This means that the buses will pick-up/drop-off at the curb in a safe location relative to the student’s residence of record or provided as appropriate.
  D. As a general practice, buses do not back-up.
  E. Due to road conditions (dead end roadways, cul-de-sacs, condominium/townhouse/apartment complexes, dirt or gravel roadways, or narrow roadways), it may be necessary to place the pick-up/drop-off site at a safe location away from the home or daycare.
  F. Every effort will be made to have the bus stop as close as possible to the home or daycare.
  G. The bus driver or attendant is not responsible for escorting the student to or from the home and/or the school.
  H. In rare instances, the pick-up/drop-off location may require the student to cross the roadway. If necessary, the bus attendant will escort the student across the roadway to and from the pick-up/drop-off location.


  A. No entrance and loading in private driveways, communities, and parking lots.
  B. Students currently receiving services at two (2) addresses will continue with this service until an address change occurs. Once an address change occurs, the student will then be required to use the same address, both morning and afternoon.
  C. Address changes are to be made through the school.
  D. A parent choosing to transport their child for either morning or afternoon is allowable. However, this procedure must be implemented Monday through Friday.
  E. Siblings of ESE students may ride the bus if there is space available. If space becomes unavailable, the family will be notified by telephone and the student must be removed within forty-eight (48) business hours.
  F. When applicable, an authorized adult is required to be at the bus stop, on time, when the child is picked up/dropped off. It is important that school and transportation staff be informed if an alternate adult is going to accompany the student. If no authorized adult is at the drop-off location:
    1.> The bus driver will wait three (3) minutes and continue on the bus route.
    2. Attempts to deliver the student at the end of the bus route will be made.
    3. If there is no authorized person to receive the student after the second attempt, the driver will return to the campus of enrollment and contact the Hillsborough County Department of Security.
    4. Transportation services may be suspended if this is a continual concern.

Approved 5/18/12
© Hillsborough 2012

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