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Transportation Services

Transportation Services

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long will it take for me to process and start working as a bus driver?
    It all depends on you, you can process in 2 weeks or it could take 2 months, depending on if you have all the required documents.

  2. If I lived in several different States, do I need to obtain my entire driving record from each State?
    Yes, you will need to obtain your Entire driver license record from each State you lived in. DMV Office Listing

  3. What’s the rate of pay and hours guaranteed?
    $14.57 per hour at a minimum of seven (7) hours paid after you complete a work day, with no set guarantee of hours as a substitute. Summer time work is assigned first to permanent drivers at a minimum of five (5) hours per day.

  4. If I was arrested as a juvenile and the record was sealed and expunged, do I need to reveal that on my application?
    Yes, you have to reveal all arrest or charges from your entire life.

  5. How long is the Bus Driver Training?
    Classroom and on the road training consists of 70 hours paid after passing all required subjects and driving skills.

  6. If I had surgery last year, do I need to obtain a release from my doctor?
    If you had surgery within the last 5 years, you need to provide written documentation from your doctor stating you been released. Must be able to pass a DOT physical.

  7. Are there any fees I have to pay?
    There is a $44.00 fee for the physical exam and $80.00 fee for fingerprinting and background. Both fees payable by money order only.

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