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Achievement Schools

Achievement Schools

Achievement Schools

Achievement Schools are supported in an unprecedented way to level the playing field for our district's students. We are putting our best leaders and teachers into our schools with the highest needs, and providing the right resources to schools for sustained student success. We are creating an innovative and collaborative learning environment, centered around a culture of high expectations for students.

Achievement Schools are:

  • 50 schools
  • Selected using performance data
  • Supported with an intense focus of resources and effort
  • Done through the lens of equity

We seek special teachers for positions at our Achievement Schools. Teachers in Achievement Schools are eligible for pay differential up to $13,000 a year including special incentives. This incentive, called Spark, is designed to spark your interest and spark the minds of the children you’ll inspire. Bonus pay and free or discounted child care are part of the incentives.

Achievement Schools have the direct support of five Small Learning Network leaders: Michelle Fitzgerald, Shaylia McRae, Yinka Alege, Odalys Pritchard and Larry Sykes.



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