Our district and schools are on SUMMER HOURS until Friday, July 27, 2018. Our summer district office hours are 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday. School hours vary by location. Schools and district offices are closed on Friday during summer hours. Our district will return to regular business hours Monday, July 30, 2018.

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Transportation Services

Transportation Services

Schools and Departments

We work hard to provide the best transportation services to all of our Hillsborough County Public Schools. We know that as administrators, your days are busy. So we want to make the process of how you find information and/or request our services as easy as possible. You will find information on:

  • Transportation Eligibility
  • Bus Stops, Runs and Routing Information
  • Services
  • School Locator
  • Bell Schedule
  • Who to Contact

Locate your attendance area school/s with the School Locator.

Disclaimer: All school attendance boundaries are subject to change by School Board action. The maps and descriptions are provided for convenience only.


Students who live less than two miles from a school are not eligible for transportation based on the State Board of Education Rule 6-A 001(3).

If you are interested in finding out if a student at your school is eligible for transportation, please take a moment to read Hillsborough County Public Schools Board of Education’s Transportation Policy.

Transportation is not guaranteed, so always consult our department for student eligibility if you are not sure.

A student is eligible for transportation if:

  • he/she is attending their boundary school and is outside of the school’s no transport/walk zone.
  • he/she is attending a district-wide program with approved transportation.
  • he/she has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) with transportation as a related service.

Special Education Busing: Transportation Services is committed to providing the highest level of service and support for students with disabilities.

SchoolChoice: If a student Choices into a new school, which is not their home school, they may not be eligible for transportation services, as stated in the HCPS Board of Education Policy.

football game

In addition to the daily transportation services to and from school, we work very hard to provide transportation for our HCPS athletes to and from sporting events.

School buses owned by the District School Board of Hillsborough County are the preferred mode of student transportation for all extra-curricular field trips of an educational nature, athletic events, performances as uniformed units (school bands, cheerleader, etc.) representing the school and/or school district, or other school sponsored activities in which the students are required or expected to participate.

Requests for transportation services for extracurricular trips must be made to Transportation Services fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the trip and must include the date of the trip, number of students participating, destination, times of pickup and return, education purpose, and names of chaperones. The cost incurred by Transportation Services in providing transportation for extracurricular trips shall be reimbursed by the school, department, etc., receiving the service.

  • Arrive at the bus stop about five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
  • Never sit on the roadway or the curb while waiting for your bus; wait in a safe place away from the road.
  • Never speak to strangers at the bus stop or get into a car with a stranger. Always tell your parents, the bus driver and a teacher at school if a stranger tries to talk to you or pick you up.
  • When the bus stops, wait for the driver’s signal that it is safe to cross the road or board the bus.
  • If crossing the street, look left, right and left again. Make eye contact and make sure your bus driver can see you as you cross the street.
  • Never walk behind the school bus and stay away from the bus wheels at all times.
  • Know your bus driver’s name and bus number.
  • Remain seated at all times and keep the aisle clear.
  • Don’t put your head, hands or arms out the window.
  • Stop talking and remain silent when the bus comes to a railroad crossing so the driver can hear if a train is approaching.
  • Avoid any loud or disruptive behavior that could distract the bus driver from safely operating the bus (refer to student conduct).
  • Always wear seat belts when provided.

  • All drivers moving in either direction on a two-way street must stop for a school bus displaying a stop signal, and must remain stopped until the road is clear of children AND the school bus stop arm is withdrawn.
  • On a highway divided by a paved median, all drivers moving in either direction must stop for a school bus displaying a stop signal, and must remain stopped until the road is clear of children AND the school bus stop arm is withdrawn.
  • On a highway divided by a raised barrier or an unpaved median at least 5 feet wide, drivers moving in the opposite direction do not have to stop for the bus (painted lines or pavement markings are not considered barriers). However, these motorists should slow down and watch for students loading or unloading from the bus.
  • Be alert and watch for children especially near schools, bus stops, school buses and in school parking lots.
  • Pay extra attention to lower speed limits in school zones.
  • Watch for and obey signals from school crossing guards.
  • Only drive or park in authorized areas to drop off or pick up children at school.
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