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Budget and Federal Finance

Budget and Federal Finance

Protecting our Future

Faces of Children

To keep the public informed of the financial challenges and how they are being addressed, the Office of Communications has created this webpage to provide regular updates regarding the financial decision making process. (See FAQ – What is causing the budget shortfall?)

As public stewards, the leaders of Hillsborough County Public Schools are committed to balancing the budget and to preserving the outstanding programs and people that have made Hillsborough County Public Schools a nationally recognized school district for excellence. (Visit our Points of Pride page.)

We are also committed to the four priorities of the strategic plan that were initiated in 2015: Increasing graduation rates, improving school culture, improving financial stewardship and improving communication with stakeholders. (View Strategic Plan)

By reviewing the educational services of Hillsborough County Public Schools, we are protecting our future-our students who are today and tomorrow’s responsible, productive and caring leaders. We are proud to dedicate ourselves to the education of all students as we prepare them for life, college, career and all the plans they envision for their future.

However, in order to make public education in Hillsborough County sustainable we must bridge the funding gap while also providing long term strategies to improve education for today’s youth and generations to come.


For a detailed overview of cost cutting measures that are being explored and implemented, view the Gibson Recommendations Overview.

Employee/Salary Updates

Eighty-four percent of the budget is allocated for salaries and employee benefits. This figure is higher than similar school districts in Florida. On June 5, a hiring freeze took effect to evaluate which vacancies can be filled by current employees and what vacant positions are no longer needed. Effective June 27, the District reopened hiring for classroom vacant positions only. "We are lifting the temporary hiring freeze for classroom vacancies. We want to ensure we are focusing on the classroom and that our students have the best teachers in front of them on the first day of school," said Superintendent Jeff Eakins.

Over 180 non-classroom instructional vacancies are frozen.

Over 500 non-instructional vacancies are frozen.

As of June 27, 2017, 231 non-essential school-based ($15 million dollar savings) and 498 district-based positions have been collapsed to obtain cost savings during the 2017-2018 school year.

Salary savings this past year:

District Administration 9% decrease
Instructional 2% decrease
School Based Administration 2% decrease
Support Personnel 3% decrease

Florida Retirement System

Each year, school districts’ contribution rates for the Florida Retirement System are determined and school districts are required to pay for part of our employees’ retirement. This year, HCPS is required to increase their contribution by an estimated $3.9 million during the 2017-2018 school year.

Teaching and Learning is reviewing revenue sources and costs to determine if any cost savings can be realized that do not impact the quality of our instructional programs. We are putting processes in place to measure the return on investment so that the most effective and widely used teaching resources are preserved. We are also reviewing textbook adoption policies to incorporate equity in review of curriculum and resources.

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